The House Party


My latest novel is published on Tuesday 21 July by Boldwood Books. It is at amazon (click on the cover above!), kobo, barnes & noble, google books, etc, as a kindle book, ebook and paperback. You can also pre-order the audiobook narrated by Karen Cass, but that will not be published until a few days after the other versions.

I hope you will enjoy the new book. It is a little different from my previous novels. It starts with a mysterious death, which the central character, Beth, finds herself investigating alone. The setting is the Isle of Wight. There have been lots of positive pre-publication reviews such as “Truly a great puzzler with a superb ending! I HIGHLY Recommend!!!” You’ll find lots of quotes on the various sales sites and you can “look inside” the book on some of them (on amazon you can look inside the pareback, but not the kindle).