When is the next one coming out?


I have been asked this a few times now. Well, you’ll be pleased to know I have actually been doing some work this year! I have completed a new novel, Behind the Smile.

The central character is Lowri and, of course, she has a cocker spaniel!

There are a few stages to go though before my novel is published but I thought I’d pop on some photos of the wonderful setting for the story, which is the Longstone on Mottistone Down, here on the Isle of Wight. I walk up these downs frequently and in all weathers with Pepper, (so he is in some of the pictures!).  We even went up one evening to get a sense of what it is like after dark. It was pretty awesome, although someone stepping in a cowpat brought us down to earth with a splat!

Interestingly, the isolated house you can see close to the stone was my original inspiration for the cottage in Free to Be Tegan, although of course that was moved to the Cambrian Mountains! Anyway here are some pictures.